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Welcome! You are on my Now page. I am living in the Taunus hills northwest of Frankfurt, Germany, and have my focus on the following:


  • translating my ebook “The ABC of Freedom” to english – my gift to everyone that signs up for my new Newsletter
  • continue decluttering in order to own only things that spark joy



  • daily morning walk within an hour of waking to reset my circadian rhythm – I’ve been waking up without an alarm at 7 am and becoming tired around 10 pm since I started
  • had no alcohol for ten weeks, now going for very moderate consumption
  • drastically reduce sugar consumption


  • daily journal (I’m trying): in the morning three things for which I’m thankful; in the evening one question, one problem and one fear (without giving an answer/solution!)
  • Arbeit an guten Gewohnheiten, v.a. Morgenroutine und kreativer “deep work” am Vormittag, leichtere Aufgaben nachmittags

Last updated: November 29, 2022.