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The Photographer

Wedding and Event Photography in the Taunus and around Frankfurt am Main

You are looking for one of a kind photos of your wedding, the ones that will let you remember this important day in your lives for a long time? You want to celebrate your bachelor(ette) party without worrying about taking good pictures? You’re in love or engaged and looking for beautiful photos of your love?

I offer you a tailor-made palette of unique memories. The information on this website should give you an idea of my work and myself. Details are best spoken about personally. Call me or send me an e-mail. I’ll be happy to answer your questions elaborately and without obligation.


Since over 25 years, I have been photographing in many genres. My first wedding assignment was 20 years ago. Today, I shoot weddings, couples and portraits frequently and with great pleasure. For me, photography is a passion with which I immortalize my view of the beauty of this world. With my experience and sociable nature, I am set on bringing the best possible memories to the albums and screens of my customers.


Photos can appear sensational when people look into the camera, but they only become really intimate and personal when the subjects engage with each other. The best moments are captured when the photographer shoots without being noticed – or when it looks as if that happened. I aspire to a very natural and timeless photography style. From me, you won’t get heavily “filtered” pictures that are trendy today but no one will enjoy five years from now.


Having spent half my childhood in the United States, I am nearly native speaker in English. Of course, living and working in Germany, I also speak fluent German as well as basic French and Italian. This page is in German because I work mainly in Germany. Please contact me via e-mail or phone if you would like to know more about me and my work.

Selbstverständlich stehe ich in meiner Muttersprache Deutsch für Sie bereit, auch wenn ich mit internationalen Kunden Englisch, Französisch oder Italienisch spreche.

Packages Couples, Weddings and Families

I offer the following packages or will happily give you an individual quote matching your needs:

Couple’s shoot

Engagement or just because

250 €

  • preliminary talk
  • 1 hour on location
  • individual post processing
  • digital photos online or as CD/DVD within 1 week or individual agreement
Wedding Session Standard

small package

700 €

  • civil wedding or small elopements
  • preliminary talk
  • 2 hours on location
  • individual post processing
  • digital photos online or as CD/DVD within 2 weeks or individual agreement
Wedding Session Exclusive

large package

1150 €

  • church wedding or large elopements
  • preliminary talk
  • 5 hours on location
  • individual post processing
  • digital photos online or as CD/DVD within 2 weeks or individual agreement
Wedding Reportage

1700 €

  • all-day from preparation to evening party
  • preliminary talk
  • 12 hours on location
  • individual post processing
  • digital photos online or as CD/DVD within 2 weeks or individual agreement
Bachelor(ette) Party

225 €

  • preliminary talk
  • 1.5 hours on location
  • individual post processing
  • digital photos online or as CD/DVD within 1 week or individual agreement

from 150 €

  • add-on to a shoot
  • real photo paper
  • at least 10 pages
  • larger albums (e.g. for weddings) on request

The package prices do not include travel and accommodation costs, which depend on the venue. Whether you’re celebrating in my home north of Frankfurt, Germany, or at a faraway corner of the world: nothing is impossible. I will fly to Mallorca, the Greek Islands, beneath the northern lights of Scandinavia, to the Atacama Desert … you think of the place and I will come! I can shoot your couple photos in my home town of Rosbach – beautiful fields, orchards and varied landscapes offer a magnificent setting.

Magical Wedding Locations

Frankfurt, Taunus, Wetterau

Still looking for the perfect wedding location? Even if you are not from the Taunus, it’s a wonderful place to get married! Just a few days after my birth, I came to the “most beautiful secondary mountain range in the world” (Alexander von Humboldt). Five years in northern Germany and even seven years in New York couldn’t keep me from returning to my beautiful home.

Fresh air, green landscapes, romantic castles and palaces as well as the proximity to Frankfurt and Wiesbaden (both are less than 30 minutes away) make the Taunus a sought-after place to live, relax and spend vacations. Reason enough to celebrate the most special day of your lives here!

The Taunus Touristik Service e.V. offers you the brochure “Heiraten im Taunus” on its website. In the categories Fairytale Wedding, Country Wedding, Traditional Wedding and Wedding in the Park, you will find the most romantic places and special register offices in the Taunus and bordering Wetterau. My current favorites are:

Fairytale Wedding
  • Burgvilla Eppstein (Eppstein)
  • Romantik Hotel Schloss Rettershof (Königstein)
  • Villa Rothschild Kempinski (Königstein)
  • Burg Kronberg (Kronberg im Taunus)
Traditional Wedding
  • Speicher Bad Homburg (Bad Homburg)
  • Güterbahnhof (Bad Homburg)
  • Höerhof Idstein (Idstein)
  • Trauzimmer Burgholzhausen (Friedrichsdorf)
  • Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark (Neu-Anspach)
  • Alt-Oberurseler Brauhaus (Oberursel)
Country Wedding
  • Immenhof – Apfelwein Manufaktur (Bad Soden – Neuenhain)
  • Wirtshaus Reichenbachtal (Königstein – Falkenstein)
  • Sambesi Restaurant im Opel-Zoo (Kronberg)
  • Feldberghof (Schmitten)
  • Naturpark Hotel Weilquelle (Schmitten)
Wedding in the Park
  • Teichhaus Bad Nauheim (Bad Nauheim)
  • Hofgut Georgenthal (Hohenstein)
  • Dolce Bad Nauheim (Bad Nauheim)
  • Villa Borgnis – Kurhaus im Park (Königstein)
  • Lodge (Kronberg)
  • Sprudelhof – Badehaus 7 (Bad Nauheim)
  • Sprudelhof – Badehaus 5 (Bad Nauheim)
  • Sprudelhof – Badehaus 3 (Bad Nauheim)

Special Shoots

For an extraordinary photo, I currently offer the following shoots:

Star Shoot

Pure romance!

300 €

  • preliminary talk
  • appointments with prior agreement (clear weather)
  • shooting at 2-3 locations between Taunus and Vogelsberg (dark sky)
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine
  • at least 3 professionally processed photos
  • digital photos online or on CD/DVD

Meine Frau und ich haben Ulrich Beinert darum gebeten, unsere Hochzeit zu fotografieren. Er war jederzeit präsent, um besondere Momente einzufangen, jedoch nie auf störende Art und Weise. Ulrich schaffte es, spielerisch Emotionen festzuhalten und somit die Stimmung des Tages widerzuspiegeln. Jedes Mal, wenn wir uns die Bilder ansehen, können wir diesen wunderbaren Tag ein weiteres Mal eindrucksvoll erleben.

Vicky & Alex

Lisa & Stefan