Ulrich C. Beinert

Ulrich Beinert is an airline pilot, photographer and author. Since receiving his first point-and-shoot camera at age 10, he has been involved in photography across all genres, preferring people, nature and technology. What used to be just a hobby has evolved into a flourishing business. Ulrich’s photographs of the universe have received widespread acclaim and have been published in many astronomy magazines and on NASA websites. He writes articles about astronomy, travel and life in the airline industry for print and web.

Ulrich studied aviation systems engineering and management at Hochschule Bremen and completed an airline pilot training program at Lufthansa Flight Training in the course of a dual education system. From 2007-2017, he worked for Lufthansa as first officer on the A320 aircraft family, flying throughout Europe as well as to northern Africa and Russia. In 2018, he completed a type rating for the Airbus A380 and now flies the biggest and heaviest passenger airplane in the world to North America and the Far East. He received his degree (Dipl.-Ing.) with his thesis on Construction, flight and recovery of a reusable sounding balloon for the exploration of the middle stratosphere in 2010.

When he is not working, Ulrich enjoys cooking and entertaining. Growing up in a home where meals were always prepared from scratch, he developed a love for cooking and has even worked in a Michelin starred restaurant as an intern.


These are my most prominent references to date.

  • 2018: interview & photos in “Lufthansa Magazin” 2/2018
  • 2017: interview in “BILD am Sonntag” 12/2/2018
  • 2017: interview & photos in “DigitalPHOTO” 5/2017
  • 2017: art calendar “NachtLichter 2018” with 12 aerial photos of cities at night (Weingarten Verlag)
  • 2016: art calendar “NachtLichter 2017” with 12 aerial photos of cities at night (Weingarten Verlag)
  • 2013: photos for “The Alex Hotel” in Freiburg
Print Publications

This list contains all publications of my work in print.

  • November 2018: Photo calendars “Airbus A320” and “Airbus A380” (self-published)
  • November 2018: Photo of aurora and noctilucent clouds in “Sterne und Weltraum” 11/18 (p. 80)
  • September 2018: 3 photos of night sky in “Bürgerzeitung Stadt Rosbach v. d. Höhe” 4/2018 (pp. 16-17)
  • April 2018: Photo of Moon, Jupiter & Mars in “Sterne und Weltraum” 4/18 (p. 75)
  • February 2018: 6-page interview with 9 photos in “Lufthansa Magazin” 2/2018 (pp. 50-55)
  • December 2017: Two-page interview in “BILD am Sonntag” 12/3/2018
  • December 2017: Photo of Budapest at night from airliner cockpit in “Lufthansa Magazin” 12/2017
  • April 2017: Art calendar “NachtLichter 2018” with 12 photos of cities at night (Weingarten Verlag)
  • April 2017: 8-page interview about photography from airliner cockpits in “DigitalPHOTO” 5/2017 (pp.98-105)
  • December 2016: High-resolution photos of the International Space Station in “Sterne & Weltraum” 12/16 (pp. 86-87)
  • October 2016: Photo of aurora borealis from an airplane over Denmark in “Sterne & Weltraum” 10/16 (pp. 82-83)
  • April 2016: Art calendar “NachtLichter 2017” with 12 photos of cities at night (Weingarten Verlag)
  • December 2013: Photo of Moon and stars over the Rhône-Alps south of Geneva in “Sterne & Weltraum” 12/13 (pp. 104-105)
  • since early 2007: bimonthly column in “Interstellarum”
  • May 2007: Twilight photo as cover image of “Altimetry – Advanced” lecture notes of Lufthansa Flight Training
  • May 2007: Photo of March 3rd/4th lunar eclipse in “Astronomie Heute” 5/07
  • May 2007: Photo of comet McNaught in “Interstellarum” 51 (p. 44)
  • April 2007: Photo of the Ariane rocket in the Space Park Bremen in “Astronomie Heute” 4/07
  • November 2005: Photo of October 3rd solar eclipse in “Interstellarum” 43 (p. 44)
  • Fall 2005: Cover photo of “Deep-Sky Reiseatlas” by Michael Feiler and Philip Noack (Oculum Verlag)
  • September 2005: Photo of noctilucent clouds in “Interstellarum” 42 (p. 7)
  • July 2005: Photo of Mars (in color section following p.114) in “Mars – A Tour of the Human Imagination” by Eric S. Rabkin (Praeger Publishers)
  • May 2005: Photos of light pollution (p. 31) and star party atmosphere (p. 3 and p. 33) in “Interstellarum” 40
  • January 2005: Photos of October 2004 lunar eclipse in “Interstellarum” 38 (p. 6)
  • July 2003: 12 Photos (pp. 9, 26, 94-95, 97, 99, 148, 160, 162, 221, 230, 271) in “Cambridge Encyclopedia of Amateur Astronomy” by Michael E. Bakich (Cambridge)
  • February 2003: Article about custom accessory cases in “Interstellarum” 26 (February 2003, p. 66)
  • Mid-2002: Webcam image of ISS (p. 77) in “Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes” by Michael Covington (Cambridge University Press)
  • August 2002: Article about a home-built astronomy flashlight in “Interstellarum” 23 (August 2002, p. 68)
  • February 2002: Article about imaging the ISS with simple methods (webcam & hand-tracking) in “Interstellarum” 20 (February 2002, p. 24)
  • Winter 2001: Observation report of planet imaging session on 28-November 2001 in “Magellan” 1/02 (p. 24) including color photos on p. 8
  • January 2001: Observation report of 21/22-October aurora in “Sterne & Weltraum” 1/01 (p. 53)
  • December 2001: Observation report of 25/26-September aurora in “Sterne & Weltraum” 12/01 (p. 1070)
  • December 2001: Webcam image of ISS (p. 29) in an article about satellite observing in “Short Wave Magazine” December 2001 (p. 26)
  • October 2001: Article about developing slide film (E-6) at home in “Interstellarum 19” (October 2002, p. 64)
  • October 2001: Image of ISS in “Sky & Telescope” 10/01 (p. 12)
  • June 2001: Images of ISS in “Sky & Telescope” 6/01 (p. 122)
  • Spring 2001: Article about astrophotography with a webcam and a Meade ETX in “Interstellarum” 17 (April 2001) including images (p. 48), webcam images of Mizar and the Trapezium (p. 10)
  • Spring 2001: First publication of the webcam images of ISS and Mir in “Magellan” 2/2001 (p. 45)
  • Late 2000: Cover image of “Magellan” 4/2000
  • August to October 1999: Monthly column in “Kronberger Bote” about the happenings in the night sky
  • August 6th 1999: Article about the upcoming total solar eclipse in “Kronberger Bote”
Web Publications

This list may be incomplete as I am not aware of all web publications.