Air & Space

Beauty of the Universe,
Fascination for Technology

I am extraordinarily lucky to have two careers that I can combine in a wonderful way. As a photographer and airline pilot, I have unique chances to capture the beauty of our planet and the fascination for modern technology. They are accompanied by a lifelong passion for the universe that lets me aim my sights higher and farther, literally in my astrophotography and figuratively in my goal of one day becoming an astronaut and seeing Earth from space.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A career as a pilot still fascinates people. No wonder then that I am often asked questions about my training and daily life as a pilot. To quickly give you answers to the most frequent, I have written an FAQ. They will surely never be finished – new questions are constantly coming in and my time to answer them is limited. Should a question be missing, to which you desperately need an answer, send me an e-mail.


On my blog, I regularly pen a colorful mix of articles about aviation, photography, travel and my other hobbies.

I show my air and space photos mainly on Instagram. On my account @ulrichbeinert, I show my life as an airline pilot, photos of our planet Earth and the universe above us from the cockpit as well as occasional astrophotos from the ground.

I no longer update my page on Facebook.

A long time ago, back in 1999, I published my first website with astrophotos and articles about astronomy and photography of our universe. The website is no longer being updated, but for a blast from the past head over to